Invent A Mischief Machine

by nickweinberg

Published on October 8, 2015

Remember when your sister tied your shoelaces together? When dad made you eat ALL your brussels sprouts? (Seriously, yuck.) Well now it’s time to get them back. Your challenge is to invent a machine to prank your family, friends, pets or postman and see how loud can you make them scream!

1. Select your unsuspecting victim. Think about what scares them most. An unexpected movement? A spooky sound? Use this as inspiration as you design your invention.

2. Create your mischief machine in complete and utter secrecy!

3. To complete the challenge, make a video of you pulling your prank and share it with the community. The video should be 30+ seconds.  Use the hashtag #InventAMischief in the title to participate in this design challenge.

4. Bonus points for scaring more than one people/pets at the same time.

Duration: 1-3hrs