Invent A Self-Driving Vehicle

by emily_littlebits

Published on March 8, 2016

Start by building the Circuit Cruiser, a vehicle that gets around on two DC motors. Add extra features to this lean, mean, mobile machine. Use it to deliver school supplies to your friends, help your teacher pass out papers, or wake up your sleeping classmate.

Duration: 30 min

How To Make It


CREATE Build the Circuit Cruiser using these instructions: http://littlebits.cc/projects/circuit-cruiser
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PLAY! Give those wheels a spin!
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CHOOSE A REMIX FROM THE STEPS BELOW! What else can your invention do? Let’s experiment!


REMIX A: Change how you control the car. Use inputs other than the slide dimmer. Try a light sensor you control with a flashlight, or string two wires together with a button to have a “remote” control.
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REMIX B: Supe it up! Add a siren using lights or the buzzer, or a speedometer using the number Bit. Give your vehicle a body or form. Give it some character! Use LEGO® to build a bigger car or even a train.
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REMIX C: Build a trailer for your vehicle using materials around you. How much stuff can your vehicle haul?
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SHARE! There are lots of ways to share what you made. You can host a car show and present the best features of the car you made. Let others test drive it. Or you can ask your friends what they would use your vehicle for – sending messages, passing snacks, borrowing pencils –and show them how it could accomplish that function.
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SHARE: Upload to the Invent Page Whichever way you decide to document or present your invention, don't forget to upload it to littlebits.cc/invent! It's a great way to deepen the impact of your invention and to inspire other community members.

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