Invent A Sign to Say It All

by nickweinberg

Published on October 8, 2015

Your challenge is to create a sign. But not just any old sign – that’s been done before. You’ve got big things to say. You’re putting your own spin on it. Invent a sign that has some flare and shows off your personality. What do you want the world to know?

1. Hop online to check out some of your favorite video game or product logos. Also investigate funny jokes, sayings, or phrases for inspiration. Then think about how you can bring your idea to life with littleBits.

2. To complete the challenge, take a video of yourself using your new invention and explaining how you made it. The video should be 30+ seconds. Use the hashtag #InventASign in the title to participate in this design challenge.

3. Bonus points for inventing something with a friend, a sibling, your parents or pet!

Duration: 30 mins