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Invent An Amazing Golf Course

by Chloe

Published on October 8, 2015

You are the lucky architect who has been selected to design a giant, interactive, 18-hole golf course. Score! Your challenge is to create the course and include artistic, Bit-tastic installations and obstacles to distract and delight golfers along the way.  Run a tournament with your friends to test it out!

1. Come up with a theme. Where have you always wanted to go? What would a golf course look like in the desert or the Arctic? Create moving obstacles and surprises to make the course more interesting.

2. To complete the challenge, make a video of your mini golf course in action to share with the community. The video should be 30+ seconds.  Use the hashtag #InventAGolf in the title to participate in this design challenge.

3. Bonus points for running a tournament with your friends or family. Use the Mischief Machine as a putter!

Duration: 3-5hrs