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Bitbike #InventForGood

by the three J's and S

Published on March 8, 2016

We were inspired to create this project because of two bicycle deaths that occurred during the previous year - one was a well-loved local teacher cycling to school and the other was a mother who was carrying two babies behind her in a trailer.  Using the STEAM Student Set we designed a solution.

Duration: 2 hours

How To Make It


Find a bike The smaller the bike the better unless you have a lot of wire bits.
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Build the circuit Play with the rgb light to choose your colour. Experiment with the pulse to set the speed that the light will blink at.
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Bitbike circuit


Arts and Crafts Design a blinker that will fit over the rgb LED. Make 2 blinkers even though only one will work because your bike will look much more authentic.
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blinker design


Attach the circuit to the bike We found that attaching the blinkers right under the seat worked well. Is there a better place? What if you made the lights move by attaching a servo and arm and attaching the lights to it? Then attach the rest of the circuit to the bike body. We would have liked to attach the button to the hand grip but the wire wasn't long enough. We think that having both hands on the bike would make it safer. So we settled for attaching the button as close as we could to the hand grip.
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Metal piece under the seat ready for blinkers to be mounted on

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Circuits attached to bike. If the magnetic feet aren't strong enough, reinforce attachment with tape.


Present your project Now imagine a scenario that will show off your bike's capabilities. Get a couple of participants and make a short film. Think of a storyline that will demonstrate how the bitbike will prevent accidents and make our streets safer. or maybe you're handy with the pencils - Draw an advertisement that will promote your bike. or write a story that features the bitbike saving the day
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Picture 1

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Picture 2


Project extensions What about other applications like on the back of a wheel chair, or on roller blades or a skateboard? Could we make all of these things safer?

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