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Stay Safe Bit Door Alarm #InventForGood

by the three J's and S

Published on March 8, 2016

A sleep walker wanders at night, a toddler wants to explore or a grandma with alzheimer's disease decides to go for a stroll...This alarm, created using the STEAM Student Set,  is designed to prevent anyone who may accidentally leave the house by sounding a buzzer to alert the rest of the household.

Duration: 2 hours

How To Make It


Build a house Find a doll house or feel free to borrow a doll house (you can assure the donor that the house will not be permanently altered). Alternatively, build a doll house out of cardboard. The most important feature is the door. You will need to build a cardboard door that has a bit of a gap between the doorframe and the door.
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Build the house

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Make the door with a gap between it and the door frame


Build the circuit Build the circuit as shown in the picture. This would work well for a hearing family but what if the family is hearing impaired? Could this design be modified by using a light bit instead of a buzzer? What about if the family was blind could the design be altered to still alert them?
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Picture 2


Attach the circuit to the house Use tape to stick the circuit to the wall. We used the usb adapter +cable to power this project because we figured that we wanted a reliable electrical source that wouldn't run out like a battery can. We ran the wire out the window for a cleaner look and plugged it in outside the house (the picture shows the power source that we hid outside the house in our video) The trickiest part of this step is to make sure that your door depresses the button when it is shut.
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Hide the power bar outside of the house


Present your project Because this project is built inside a doll house if you want to make a film you may have to use puppets. We think modelling clay figures or cut-out dolls would also work well but for this project we chose to use dolls and try our hand at stop animation. We would love to try editing this video to include sub-titles (especially if we modify the original circuit to use a light instead of a buzzer) or a voice over describing the scene for blind people (we would have to think of how we could modify the original circuit to work for the blind...)Any ideas?

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