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Invent Your Own Superhero

by Chloe

Published on October 8, 2015

Bang! Pow! Blammo! Zap! Did you feel that?! You’ve been given the superpower you always dreamed of and are invited to join the littleBits crime-fighting super-kid unit. But what to wear? The clothes you have on are too ordinary. Your challenge is to make a costume to match the new powers.

1. Start by creating your costume. Keep functionality in mind! The streets have gone amuck and you need to move quickly to blast bad guys on your next heroic quest. Scrounge around for old clothes, pipe cleaners, or bandanas you can use.

2. Strap some Bits onto your outfit. Consider using your Megablaster or inventing new gadgets for your costume.

3. To complete the challenge, make a video trailer of your new superhero going on epic adventures. Don’t forget to explain how you made your costume! The video should be 30+ seconds.  Use the hashtag #InventASuperHero in the title to participate in this design challenge

4. Bonus points for inventing a Bit-inspired superhero!

Duration: 1-2hrs