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Judo #BitOlympics BitOlympics 2016 BONEVET

by BONEVET Gjakova

Published on August 30, 2016

Presentaion of the final Judo game at the Olympics, the fight for the golden medal where Majlinda Kelmendi from Kosovo won. 

This project it is made with littlebits by BONEVET makers to show the glories moments when Majlinda won.

The game can be played by two players and it is created with bits such as power, fork, buttons, wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, servos, fan, DC motor, pulse, split and buzzer.

You will find more details about the project watching the video or on the making steps below.

How To Make It


Asembling the field First we searched online for the judo fighting field, then we got a box and colored it in navy blue. We cut a yellow paper in rectangular shape and a square shaped white paper taped both of them in the middle of the box. For the cheering fans we found one picture from the actual fight in Rio and printed it, then we used two wood stick to glue it up. Also, for the Majlinda billboard we printed the picture of her joy after winning the match and clued it up the same way.


Creating the players To create the players we knew that we needed three servo for each, so we glued the servos on a piece of a cardboard with double sided tape and then secured it with electrical tape. For the outfit we sketch them in a particular colored paper and then cut them and glue them to the players bodies. For the hands, legs and head we used laser cutter to cut them from a piece of wood, then we wrapped them in the same colored paper. To make the legs and arms move, we glued them to the servos with glue gun.


Putting together the Circuit To make the players move we used Servos which where connected to wireless receiver and power, to transmit the signal we used power bit which we connected to fork, three buttons and a wireless transmitter. For the torch we used the power bit and a fan so that it can blow the tissue paper. Also, to spin the flags we used a power bit, pulse, buzzer, a split and two DC motors.


Adding final touches The thing that we added after finishing the project where the torch and the spinning flags. We thought that these final touches will give the project a little something more.

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