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Keyhole Lighter

by cheesypoof

Published on June 4, 2016

A simple project used to solve a simple problem. When my parents come home, they unlock the door. However, sometimes this takes longer than usual because they cannot see the keyhole properly in the night, when it's dark. I made a device to light up the keyhole. I put it next to the keyhole. It includes a motion sensor, a power bit, a rgb led bit, and a light sensor bit. When the light sensor senses little light, it tells the motion sensor to turn on. If there is light, nothing will happen! When the motion sensor senses people coming towards the keyhole, it sends a signal to the rgb led, which lights up for the people to see the keyhole properly.

Duration: A couple minutes!

How To Make It


Materials Get out an rgb led bit, a motion sensor bit, a light sensor bit, and a power bit.


First attachment Attach light sensor bit to power bit.


Second Attachment Attach motion sensor bit to light sensor bit.


Third Attachment Attach RGB LED to motion sensor.


Adhere Adhere two inches away from wherever you need light at the right moment!

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