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Kitchen Bots

by JackANDJude

Published on March 18, 2016

Wish you had a pet robot?  Make two-legged walking bots with littleBits and lego technic pieces.  :)  Watch the second video - Kitchen Bots help Jack with breakfast.

UPDATE: The reason they were falling over is the knees buckled backward.  To fix, placed a peg on either side beneath the knees.

Four legged version in the works: Four legged robot test on instagram.

Duration: 1 hour

How To Make It


Gather Legos These are the legos you'll need. Some substitutions may also work. :). The second picture shows Legos you'll need to make legs.
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Picture 2


Let's do it Lego Style :)
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Add this to that That's one rubber band on a plate, and you can put the 1x2 on the left or the right, depending on which way your battery faces.
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Make A Circuit and a Rectangle The circuit is power + light sensor (light) + tethered DC motor. Put this circuit on the type of Brick Adapter shown. Complete the Lego rectangle shape, and add plates to the Kitchen Bot - let's call them chest plates.
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Press the Brick Adapter and circuit Take care to only press on Legos, Brick Adapters and the colorful bitSnaps on littleBits. Never push or pull on littleBits' white circuit boards. String the tethered DC motor between the top of the chest plates and the top of the Lego rectangle.
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Put the motor on back Press the tethered DC motor into the other type of Brick Adapter and then onto the back of the chest plates. Again, take care to press on bitSnaps, but not circuit boards.
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Make Legs Make two sets of these legs as mirror images.
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Picture 2


Gear up & Add back plates Push the axle through crankshafts at the fourth hole from the bottom on our Lego rectangle. Place the crankshafts at opposite angles for an alternating step motion. Get a crown gear in there, too. :) Push the other gear onto a short axle and attach to the tethered DC motor with a motor mate. Adjust until the gears mesh, and press back plates against the plastic motor body. More back plates will increase stability. Keeping the gears meshed is the most difficult part, which will require a lot of adjustments.
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Picture 2

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