by Ssamoos

Published on April 13, 2018

Krakedoo is a little machine that fill a bowl with some cereals thanks to a littlebit network and structures in legos bricks.

The mecanism is easy, the bowl move forward on a treadmill in paper then a kind of mill put in the bowl some cereals previously fill. We wanted to add a system for complete the preparation with some milk but we didn't have enough time.


How To Make It


Treadmill Make a roller in paper and in this one, on a side a plateform with the two wheels and DC Motors that is elevated by a legos structure, on the other side we used a cardboard cylinder (because we didn't have enough wheels) to have a rounded shape but obviously we can use other things elevated in the same way that the first plateform.


Legos tower Build a legos tower letting the center empty to channel the wires inside and take it outside. On the top of the tower, fix the DC Motor (tethered) and the mechanical arm on it with at the end of the latter a container (we built it with legos) that will serv to fill the bowl.

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