LED Matrix Lightup Backpack #HackPack

by nickweinberg

Published on August 24, 2015

Go back to school with the ultimate light up backpack, coded by you!

Duration: 2 hours

Credits: Ricky Robinett-

How To Make It


Plug the power to the Arduino module Plug the power module into the top input on the Arduino module and put one of the magnetic shoes on the button to make sure it stays secure.
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Plug the Proto module to the Arduino module Next plug the Proto module into the top output on the Arduino and also add a shoe to keep it in place.
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Adding wires Now we need to add our wires from the output of the Proto Module. Start off by plugging one wire into the ground on the left, one into the output on the middle and one into the power on the right. Then screw them in to make sure they’re locked in.
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Get the LED matrix connected For the final product you’d want to solder these in place but if you just want to push a jumper wire in each spot on the NeoPixel it will work for testing things out: But without soldering the wires will be finicky so be prepared that you may need to wiggle them a bit when you’re running the app to make sure things are working.
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Open Arduino IDE With the hardware powered on, open up the Arduino IDE. We need to tell the Arduino IDE what board we’re using and which port to connect to our board. The littleBits Arduino module is based on Arduino Leonardo. Go to select Tools > Board and pick Arduino Leonardo.
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Select your port To select the port in the menu bar go to Tools -> Serial Port and pick the port that is identified as an Adruino Leonardo board.
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Start building your application It’s time to start building your application, we suggest a few of these from the Adafruit website: