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LEGO Bitbot

by JackANDJude

Published on February 16, 2017

Aunt Patty's LEGO rover from the future.  We used Brick Adapters and LEGO base plates to build a basic rover that can be controlled by a smartphone.  Then we added a friendly monster named  Glenn and Aunt Patty's minifig.  We imagine they are emergency first responders who drive their LEGO Bitbot on search and rescue missions. For fun, they modify their vehicle to play ball with friends.

This is a remix of the Bitbot from the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit 2nd Edition.  For more tips on using littleBits with LEGO, read Tips & Tricks: Brick Adapter.

Duration: At least 30 minutes.

How To Make It


Assemble circuit Assemble the circuit: power + split. On each end of the split, add a Bluetooth Low Energy Bit and a DC motor. Set each DC motor to var.
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Attach motors and wheels underneath Use 2 stud Brick Adapters to attach dc motors to the underside of your Bitbot. We used 4 Brick Adapters for extra stability. Near the front of the Bitbot, attach a ball caster with two glue dots.
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Attach circuit to the top of Lego base plates Use 4 socket Brick Adapters to attach the circuit to the top of the Bitbot. When pressing littleBits, Brick Adapters and Lego together, press on the colorful Bitsnaps, not on white circuit boards.
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Secure battery and wires Build around the battery to hold it in place. Use twist ties to organize wires.
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Customize it! Now you have a plain LEGO Bitbot. It's like a blank canvas waiting for you to decorate with colorful LEGOs or any craft materials you have around.
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Add characters Aunt Patty is the driver and Glenn is the lookout. Glenn, a LEGO Mixel, calls out to lost people and monsters. If he sees someone out there, Glenn gives Patty a holler.
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Connect to a smart device Turn on your LEGO Bitbot and pick it up. Connect the Bitbot to DRIVE MODE using the littleBits Bluetooth Low Energy Bit Controls. While you are in drive mode, Bitbot should move in the direction you tilt your device.
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Play time Aunt Patty and Glenn modify their Bitbot for when it's time to play ball with friends.
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