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Lego Candy Dispenser

by A Creative Mind

Published on June 30, 2017

By putting your finger under the light sensor, the machine will dispense any small candy of your choice!

How To Make It


Important notes: The dc motor can be switched to either the ccw setting or the cw setting, NOT var. The water bottle was modified to be smaller and more compact. The hole in the water bottle (or any container you use) will determine the size of the candies you are able to dispense. The hole will also determine how fast it will be given. The water bottle is adhered to the wheel with sticky tack. I recommend to fill the machine through the dispensing hole (although mildly tedious). It is very important that the wheel and water bottle are not in contact with anything else.
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Important notes: Make sure the light sensor is facing the bar graph. Make sure the light sensor is switched to dark. Make sure the sensitivity of the light sensor is around 50%, not TOO sensitive or not TOO insensitive. In between the two modules I put 2 1x2 flat grill lego piece, adhered with sticky tack.
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Important notes: Make sure on switch is accessible. I placed the battery on back to make it easy to change. Battery is adhered with sticky tack.
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