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LEGO PBC 1 (Pin Ball Contraption)

by Philip Verbeek PV-Productions

Published on October 21, 2014

Here's some information about the LEGO PBC 1. But first watch the video to understand the project a little bit better: Visit my website for more information and pictures etc. Click here to learn more about building with littleBits and LEGO. I present: the LEGO PBC 1 which stands for LEGO PinBall Contraption. The PBC should not be confused with a pinballmachine, though. The main idea is to move the little plastic LEGO balls with al kind of extra paths. A big difference is that there are a lot more balls in the game. That does not only makes it more fun to watch, it also ensures that all paths are filled with balls. For reference you can use approximately 1 ball/sec. I used over 4000 LEGO pieces, a LEGO NXT, 6 servo’s: 3 LEGO SERVO-motors and 3 littleBits SERVO-motors, 1 littleBits DC-motor, a LEGO XL motor, 2 LEGO Medium motors and one LEGO L motor. By smart gearing and combining of modules-axles I could keep this number of motors down. Otherwise it would be much more. The intelligence and heart of this machine is hidden in 2 littleBits-Arduinos in combination with the LEGO NXT. They control the displayes, the Servo’s/motors, MP3-Player, buzzer, lights and keep track of points, balls and coins. I also used 4 LDRs(Light Dependent Resistors), some touch sensors and a IR sensor. There is also a cloudmodule included so that you can control the PBC and see the current score on it. But you can also control the PBC with a mechanical switch and see the score on the scoreboard. The PinBallContraption uses almost 100 bits and exists over more than 20 meter length of wire. It was a really fun and challenging project where only creativity was the limit. Contact me: Facebook Google+ Youtube


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