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Eat Slugs!

by themaccast

Published on November 25, 2016

My invention allows you to use your LittleBits to recreate a classic, and somewhat disgusting, scene from "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". In the movie and books Ron Weasley attempts to place the curse "Slugulus Eructo" on Draco Malfoy after he insults Hermione Granger. Of course, being Ron, the spell backfires and causes Ron to immediately begin vomiting giant slugs. This project uses a simple LittleBits circut combined with a LEGO paper slug feeder and foam core mounted cutout of Ron to recreate the scene.

Duration: 30 - 60 minutes

How To Make It


Create a feeder For this invention you are making a device that will take paper "slugs" and feed them through the mouth of a cardboard cut out of Ron Weasley (or any other character or person you prefer). The first step is to build a feeder that you will attach to the motor and motorMate. For our feeder we choose to use LEGO, but you can use whatever works. The key is to have two opposing wheels that will grab and pull the slugs through when one wheel spins. I would also recommend adding rubber bands around each wheel for extra grip.
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Make some slugs Here's where you can get a bit creative. Cut some slugs out of heavy card stock. They can be really any shape you'd like just make sure they will fit through the feeder you made in step one. You may want to cut one and do some testing at this point. We cut out one slug and once we knew it worked then used it as a template to trace and cut out the others that way they were all the same size. After you have them cut out color or decorate them however you'd like. We used crayons and made different designs.
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Build the Circuit Assemble the LittleBits. Connect the power, button, wire, and DC motor. Use the motorMate and attach the circuit to the feeder you made earlier. Now is a good time to test things and make any adjustments to the feeder and circuit.
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Create the Frame Now you'll need a frame to mount the picture of your intended victim and to support the LittleBits and feeder. Since it's from the movie we used a photo of Ron. You can use our image (provided in the project files) or use your own. Again, be creative, you might even want to draw your picture. You will need to cut out a portion of the mouth for the slugs to feed through so just be sure your image is sized correctly to allow for that. Print your picture, mount it to some foam core or heavy cardboard, and carefully cut out the mouth hole (have a parent or adult help if needed). Once you have your photo mounted, build a frame or stand that will allow you to put your feeder at the correct position behind the mouth. Do some testing before you tape or mount anything down so you can make sure the slugs will feed through smoothly. Test and make any adjustments. Once it's working you can mount the feeder and LittleBits to your frame. You're now ready to cast the "Eat Slugs" curse.
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Cast the Curse Enjoy your new invention. Feeds the slugs into your feeder, press the button, and get ready to laugh (or get grossed out) as your curse takes effect.

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