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3D Printed Light Activated BitSaber #bitwars

by TheNewHobbyist

Published on December 18, 2015

This 3D printed BitSaber is powered by a LittleBits light sensor and bar graph. When you pickup the BitSaber (and cover the light sensor) the saber comes to life! Checkout the video above for my build in Fusion 360, 3D printing of the case, and final assembly. 

Duration: 1:01

How To Make It


Build LittleBits Circuit Connect Power -> Light Sensor -> Wire -> Bar Graph


Print 3D Printed Shell and Blade All parts are printed at 0.3mm layer height.

The shell parts were printed in silver PLA at 10% infill.
The blade was printed in clear PLA at 0% infill.


Add bits to shell The battery and bits all drop into the shell pretty easily. I used a dot of hot glue to hold the shell halves together. 


Play! Turn on your bits and pick up your saber. If you cover the hole over the light sensor it will start glowing!

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