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Light Saver, a Rule Your Room Kit Invention

by Vedantdesai

Published on August 2, 2016

Invent a device that is guaranteed to save you energy™


With the Rule Your Room Kit you can use Makey Makey to control your room! This invention reminds you to turn off your light before you leave your room.

How To Make It


BUILD BRICK STAND Build a stand using Lego bricks and then mount it on the wall using adhesive strips as seen in the picture:
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APPLY ALUMINIUM FOIL Place a piece of aluminum foil on switch cover and wrap another piece of foil on to the switch (Make sure that piece of foil on switch is long enough so that when the light is turned on, it touches the foil placed on switch cover).
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BUILD THE CIRCUIT Power + Makey Makey + Bargraph + Servo Add Servo Accessories & Alligator clips
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ATTATCH ALLIGATOR CLIPS Attach the other end of alligator clips to the aluminum foils placed on the switch and the switch cover. Cover the circuit with the monster head (template A). Attach the servo with mechanical arm as seen the picture using tape.
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TEST CIRCUIT Now, when your light is in the on position, the circuit will complete and the servo will block your door with a sign that reads "Turn the lights off." Never leave your light on with Light Saver!
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