Light Up Confetti Cannon

by ichowmille

Published on March 20, 2017

Our idea was to make a Confetti Cannon that used a light sensor to turn on when the lid was opened. It would also have lights on the inside. Our invention never worked but our teacher said that was okay. The fan was never strong enough to shoot the confetti the way we thought it would look. 

Duration: 10 hours

How To Make It


Spray paint the can. We spray painted a large and a small Pringles can because we weren't sure which size we were going to use at first.
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Cut the bottom out. We cut the bottom out, but not quite all the way. We still left a little bit so it was like a hinge. This was so we could place the circuit easily.


Add supports to fan. We wanted to fan as close to the top as possible so it didn't have far to shoot the confetti, so we cut four straws to use as support.
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Test the Fan We dropped confetti onto the fan to make sure it would work. It did, kinda, at least enough to make us try it inside the can.
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Put it all together and try it out.. We place the fan on the supports inside the can and put confetti on top. When we opened up the lid, some confetti came out, but not in the way we thought it would.
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