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Light-Up Olaf Eyes

by littleBits and Disney

Published on December 16, 2016

All it takes is a snap or clap to activate these Light-Up Olaf Eyes. Build it with the Rule Your Room Kit and a few materials from around the house.

Duration: 45 Minutes

How To Make It


Build your circuit.
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Press adhesive shoes onto your circuit to keep your Bits secure.
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Adjust and test the sound trigger. When you clap, the bargraph should light up for three seconds.
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Download template A and template B from the top of this page.
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Print out template A and template B.
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Deconstruct a cereal box or box with a similar thickness.
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Glue template A to the inside of the cereal box. Avoid gluing over any creases in the box.
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After the glue dries, cut out template A from the cereal box.
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Cut out template B.
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Glue template B to the back of template A. The profile of the two templates should match.
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Color in Olaf's hair (twigs), eyebrows and nose.
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Crease the template along the dotted lines and fold as shown. Glue the designated tabs to hold the template together.
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With the power on, insert your circuit into the template. Make sure the circuit is right-side up.
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Get your Light-Up Olaf Eyes to turn on! Just make a sound.
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