Light-Up Party Jacket

by littleBits

Published on April 24, 2014

Be the life of the party, or have your own with this flashy light-up jacket! Lightwires, bright LEDs, long LEDS, and RGD LEDs pulse to the song on your mp3 player through the microphone module.

How To Make It


Begin the circuit with a power + a light wire + a microphone. Put these in a pocket and poke a small hole in the pocket to let the light wire pass through.


Design your star, and draw it on a piece of paper.


Put the star on the lining of the jacket and trace its shape on the lining with pencil.


Fill the star on the lining by applying black tape to it. (We put tape on the lining but later we came to realize that it would be much cleaner and neater if we put tape behind the lining.) This will prevent lining cloth from tearing when we cut it.


Make pairs of cuts at each corner of the star so that we can weave a light wire through the cuts(there were 10 corners in our star).


Trace the star with the light wire weaving through all the cuts in order. Once you create your star shape, make a second tier of cuts about half an inch in from the corners. Trace the second tier, then the third tier, and so on… until you use up the entire length of light wire.


Add a wire module and one of the LEDs (A regular LED, bright LED, long LED, or RGB LED…) to the end of the circuit. Hide the wires behind the lining, leaving only the LEDs exposed. You may need to cut a small whole in the lining for the wires pass through.


Tie modules tightly so they maintain the connection. We used custom made plastic piece (bits shoes coming soon!) to hold the feet of adjacent Bits modules together, but you can use rubber bands or regular thread.


Sew the bits down to the lining.


Add even more LEDs by repeating steps 7~9.


Repeat steps 3~10 again on the other side of the jacket. Power this side by attaching your circuit to the end of the first circuit on the other side of the jacket.


Plug an audio cable between your MP3 player and the microphone. Turn the power on and play your favorite dance music.


Don’t forget to bring some spare batteries to the night club, and keep the glowing dance party going all night!

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