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Light Up Your House - Toy

by Innovate Technology & Robotics Academy Australia

Published on August 7, 2016


This project was done by primary school students at Innovate Academy. Their first time tinkering with littleBits, they wanted to explore and have fun!


How To Make It


Gather your littleBits Pick out the Power module, the Sound Trigger, the W1 Wire, and the Bright LED.


Get your ceramic house Get a ceramic house if you have one or you can create a house out of cardboard if you don't. Connect the Power, them Sound Trigger , then the W1 Wire and finally the Bright LED to form a circuit.


Put it together After making the circuit, place one half of the W1 Wire and the Bright LED into the house. Use masking tape to secure the littleBits to the roof of the house, leaving the other half of the circuit outside the house.


Test the lights Turn on the Power module and clap or make sounds. The Sound trigger will activate the Bright LED and you will be able to light up the house by clapping your hands, snapping your fingers or simply talking. A fun way to learn about sensing and how to activate the lights, using sounds.
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