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Little Bits Record Player

by yogasnaredrummer

Published on March 27, 2018

Machine that automatically plays music

Duration: 42 minutes

How To Make It


Make the record spin Cover top and bottom of paper plate with foil. Tape plate to wheel and attach wheel to DC motor. Connect battery power to DC motor. Attach to little bits box so it spins.
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Make the arm move Attach arm to servo motor. Connect wire bit before servo bit, slide dimmer before wire bit, and slide dimmer after the DC motor. The slide dimmer controls the “record player” arm moving up and down. Attach the servo to the box so the arm end away from servo can tap the record.
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Make the music play Connect USB power to the Makeymakey, MP3 player (I had the switch in the once mode), and Speaker bits and 2 alligator clips to the Makey makey bit as shown. Tape the free end of one alligator clip to the end of the “record player” arm so that the metal on the clip will touch the foil on the record when the arm is lowered. Connect the other free alligator clip to foil placed under the record. It needs to rub the record lightly when the record turns.
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Make it and you move to the beat! Power up the battery and USB power bits. The record should start spinning. Now use the slide dimmer to slowly lower the record player arm onto the record. This should make the MP3 player start playing the song. If you choose a good song, it’ll make you move too.

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