little Jet Pack

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Anyone want to meet on the moon for lunch? With the littleBits powered Jet Pack (and a little imagination) recycled household items come together to blast you into unlimited adventures. If planet earth is more your thing, why not wear it to the park or playground, it’ll give you that extra lift!

This project was made with our Summer Fun bundle.

Credits: littleBits Jet Pack video starring Sophia

How To Make It


Let's start by building the circuit. Connect these Bits in the following order: power + bend sensor + bright LED + wire + fan.


Find an empty 2L soda bottle and cut the top off it. The fan will sit in this space. The moving blades of the fan should be facing away from the bottle. Tape it in place making sure not to block the blades from spinning. Cut another small ¾ inch hole 3 inches up from the fan. This will allow the wire bit to connect the fan to the rest of the circuit.


Cut a 2 inch section of the juice container and hot glue it to the opening covering the fan.


Paint the 2L soda bottle. We painted our silver and black, what color will yours be?


Attach the power + bend sensor + bright led + wire to the backpack strap. They should sit perpendicular to the strap and near your shoulder. Use a needle and thread to sew the Bits in place. Be careful not to poke yourself!


Wrap a rubber band around the battery and battery cable to hold them in place. Then place a small piece of colored paper over the bright led. You can use tape to secure it.


Fold a piece of cardboard into a triangle and place it just under the bend sensor. Secure it to the strap using tape or a needle and thread. This will ensure that your bend sensor bends enough when you activate it.


Tape a string to the tip of the bend sensor. To the other end of the string, tie a styrofoam ball.


Attach the straps. Cut 2 slits in the top of your 2L bottle. Then cut 2 more slits near the bottom. Feed the straps through the slits. (Hint: an easy way to do this is to temporarily tape the strap to a popsicle stick so you can feed it through the slots easily. Once the strap is through, remove the tape and popsicle stick.) You can tie or tape the straps down inside the bottle.


Finally, using glue dots or double sided tape, cut and attach some crepe paper strips to the middle of the fan keeping clear of the fan blades. You can also attach a plastic or card circle to the center to make the surface area larger for more crepe paper strips which equals more fire!


Just pull the cord to launch yourself into another galaxy and don’t forget to write!

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