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Littlebit / MakeyMakey Bobsled

by Chris Kunkel

Published on August 6, 2016

We made a track for a craft stick bobsled. It has a starting gate and timer that works using the LittleBit MakeyMakey. You can design different sleds to see which gets the fastest time.

Duration: 3 hours

How To Make It


Build bobsled track Use poster board and craft sticks to create a ramp. The craft sticks are for walls. Put two strips of aluminum foil at the very bottom of the track. The two strips should be close together but not touching.
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Build bobsled Build a sled using craft sticks. We used pennies to weight the sled. Wrap the sled in aluminum foil.
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Build starting gate Build a gate using the LittleBit Servo and craft sticks.
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Build the circuit Power - Button - Fork. Left fork goes to left button on the Makey Makey. Right fork goes to buzzer, wire and then servo. Using the alligator clip wires from the Makey Makey, connect the right arrow and ground input to the strips of aluminum foil at the bottom of the track.
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Code a timer in Scratch We coded a basic timer in Scratch. We made the right arrow start the timer and the left arrow stop the timer. This corresponds with the button in our circuit starting the timer. When the sled, wrapped in foil, crosses the strips of aluminum on the bottom of the track it triggers the left arrow on the Makey Makey. This stops the circuit.
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