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LittleBits’ 5th Birthday Party at Panamà

by hmayorca

Published on October 4, 2016

In Castor Maker Lab are Very Happy !!!  with the opening of our Maker Lab in Panamá.


The celebration of littleBits’ 5th Birthday Party was our first activity in our new place.


We created a workshop where teamwork allowed us to build a very special cake in which creativity and imagination were the main tools for our project.


Happy Birthday to the entire team of Little Bits.

Duration: 2 Hours

How To Make It


Design the Cake Use a open software as a tinkercad to design the cake
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Transform the design in pieces Use a free software as a 123d Make to transform the Design in pieces. Cut the pieces and build the model.
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Assembling the cake The idea is to make children use their imagination to assemble each of the pieces.
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Using Little Bits Insert LittleBits blocks in the spaces within the structure.
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Decorate the cake with different materials Using different materials decorate the cake for covering the structure.
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Happy Birthday Celebrate with friends and sing happy birthday
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