littlebits alarm clock

by stormtrooper

Published on January 3, 2018

Have you ever had an alarm clock and it is now broken? You can make one EKZACTLY like this!!! Well, I will tell you something before you start building this1) don’t forget to put on the light sensor! and2) you don't have to wright 'better to wake up now!'(i know the B is the L) well, have a nice day making this incredibly awesome project! besides, i wake up at 9!

Duration: 20min

How To Make It


Create Alarm Body cut 2 holes in both sides of box.


Make Circuits make the circuit (power-light sensor-split or wire-buzzer-wire-I1number)
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make the clock put light sensor and number in the holes


no title put the other circuits in the box just like the vidio

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