littleBits/Ozobot Morse Code Generator: Communication for the Deaf and Blind

by RichB

Published on February 14, 2016

This project combines the power of littleBits and Ozobot to create a Morse Code generator.  An Ozobot Bit has been OzoBlockly programmed to generate any desired Morse Code message by blinking its LED according to the International Morse Code standards for letters and timing.  A simple littleBits circuit consisting of power > light sensor > threshold > oscillator > synth speaker uses its light sensor in response to Ozbot  Bit's flashing LED to convert the Morse Code into sound pulses.  The OzoBlockly program allows adjusting the LED color as well as adjusting the timing based upon the desired number of WPM (words per minute).  The attached video used a red LED and 20 WPM.

Note that the synth speaker can be replaced by a vibration motor, and the vibration motor can be attached to the skin of a deaf and blind person who knows the Morse code, allowing text communication to the person.

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