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LittleBits Birthday Challenge

by 21ststacy

Published on October 5, 2016

Our students participated in celebrating the five year birthday of LittleBits. Their instructions were to create anything birthday related using their LittleBits circuits. The more innovative, the better. They came up with some amazing ideas!

Duration: 30 minutes

How To Make It


LittleBits Birthday Challenge Our 6th and 7th graders had 30 minutes to create a birthday-themed project out of LittleBits circuits. They planned a design together as a team prior to building.


Make Something Great Students used a variety of crafty materials along with LittleBits circuits to participate in the birthday challenge.


Test It Out Students tested out their creations to ensure their design was fully functional.


Share Students shared their creations in 30 second presentations. Amazingly, no two presentations were alike! Check them out here: https://padlet.com/sbrown/Bday

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