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littleBits Demonstration #hackpack

by blindbento

Published on September 27, 2015

The all-in-one solution for the bitster on the go! This is a marvelous way to carry around your bits for demonstrations. There is even an area on the bag where you can proudly display your circuits for all to see!

Duration: 30 Minutes

How To Make It


Why I Made my Hackpack: Magnets are awesome! Magnets attached to wires are awesome at tangling everything up! I needed to organize my bits in a way that would look awesome and travel well.
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Get Organized: I found a great craft organizer with modular partitions at my local craft store. This allows me to store bit of all shapes and sizes with out getting them all tangled or mixed up! The craft box also fits neatly into many bags. This will be how I store the bits inside of my hackpack! Notice how I was able to give each wire a separate compartment in the craft box!
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Make Your Circuit Wearable! This hackpack would be boring with no way to show off! For this first version, I chose to add a Velcro patch with a sticky back to my bag. I then got some sticky Velcro feet for my bits. The Velcro feet can be reused multiple times to build many circuits! This allows you to change the function of your hack pack for the challenge at hand. For this example, I chose to add a blinking light to stick out more when walking on busy streets at night. If you already have 3M hook and loop feet for your bits, don't worry! You can get similar 3M patches. However, my craft shore didn't have those in stock, but they did have 3M sticky feet similar to the Velcro ones! 3M hook and loop feet also connect well to the barbed side of Velcro. You can replace the soft Velcro patch that I used with a barbed Velcro patch if you have the littleBits hook and loop feet.
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Before Application

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Applied Velcro


Enjoy Your New Wearable Hackpack! Now you can tackle your day-by-day, wearable needs with littleBits!
You may want to do a "shake test" as I demonstrate in the below video to make sure your hackpack won't fall apart easily.


Taking it Further, Expanded Work Space: You can replace the soft Velcro patch with a much larger piece of felt. Not only will this increase the size of your work space, you can also get felt in a wide variety of colors. This will allow you to match your work space to your favorite color! The sticky Velcro feet will also work on the felt surface.
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Patch Work Space

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Felt Work Space

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