Babbling robot


littleBits Disco DJ

by Babbling Robot

Published on April 23, 2014

Dance away the night with DJ Babbling Robot playing his littleBits synth Disco set. You won't understand much of what he's saying but who cares when he's spinning cool tunes all night long.

All sounds made with the littleBits Synth Kit, all synth sequences played with the littleBits sequencer, all melodylines played on the littleBits keyboard. No external effects used, only the littleBits Delay. Recorded and multitracked on an external computer multitrack recording application.

Credits: Babbling Robot made this while also calculating Pi to a million decimals in a subroutine.


How To Make It


Detailed instructions for each synth circuit used in this track are in the gallery pictures.


When you've built the synth circuit, record your sequence or performance on an external multitrack audio recording application, there are many around and some are even free.


A cool music production trick used by most professional producers is called "Doubletracking". What it means is simply that they record the same thing twice on two different tracks, only slightly differently as this makes the sound bigger and more polished. So for example, tweak the filter cutoff or change the envelope attack slightly, and record a second version.


You need to be able to line up everything in the multitracker so that it plays together in tune and in time. This can be tricky and requires practice. An important tip is not to change the 'speed' of the littleBits sequencer once you've decided the speed of your track. This will allow you to record many more sequences at exactly the same speed and will make it possible to line up the beats so they play in time.


Don't be afraid to experiment, if you don't like what you've recorded, try something different and record it again.

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