littleBits/LeapMotion Puppet

by [email protected]

Published on March 5, 2018

This puppet was put together  to show how creative and interesting technology can be. There have been significant advances in easy to use electronics and programming. It is easier than it has ever been to be make simple robotic objects. 

This puppet was put together in collaboration with two students from the John Monash Science School on work experience and Dr Ellis from Monash. The Puppet was create using the same method as the Jim Henderson Puppets (Muppets and Sesame Street). The movement was created utilising littleBits and mecanno. The hand is tracked using a leap motion controller and the arduino littleBit is connected to a number of servo motors that respond to a persons hand.

By moving your hand over the leap motion controller the puppet can follow three fingers. The puppet also has its eyes light up and a buzzer go off if you press the nose and the ears flap if you press the top of the head.

Duration: 80 hours

How To Make It


HEAD 1. Make the mouth with cardboard and duct tape then cover with black material 2. Use foam to make the shape of the head 3. Cover the foam in fur 4. Put in circuit for eyes and ears
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HAND 1. Put the hand together with littleBits servos and meccano 2. Link the servos to an audino bit to enable programming of the motion 3. Duct tape to keep it together 4. Cover with fur
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BODY 1. Cut and paint wood board 2. Weld a frame to support the body 3. Sew a fur body 4. Carve a pair of feet from foam 5. Cover the feet with fur 6. Place the fur body over the frame and fill with foam to add out
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PUT IT TOGETHER 1. Attach the hand to the body 2. Place the head on the body 3. Put bands of yellow around to hide the joins
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