Magic Wand

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Create a magical wand that glows when the lights go out!

How To Make It


Start with this circuit: power + light sensor + wire + bright led.


Set the light sensor the dark mode. Use the little purple screwdriver to adjust the sensitivity so that when you place your hand over the photocell, the bright led lights up.


Tape a couple of popsicle sticks together to make a longer base structure for your wand.


Use a couple of rubber bands to attach your Bits Modules to the popsicle sticks. The bright led should be at one end and the rest of the circuit should be at the other end.


Cut a hole in a styrofoam ball big enough to fit over a Bits module. Then slide the ball onto the end of your popsicle stick with the bright led. Now, when the the bright led lights up, the styrofoam ball will be illuminated.


Use another rubber band to attach feathers around the ball


Fold a piece of cardboard around the base of your circuit. Make sure to cut out holes over the light sensor and the power switch. Adjust the sensitivity of the light sensor again if necessary.


Magically illuminate your wand with a wave of your hand!

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