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Marion the Librarian

by swiseman

Published on December 8, 2017

I needed a helper in my school library so I created a drone named Marion, the librarian.

Duration: 2 Hours

How To Make It


Build the Droid and the Driving circuit. 1.Using the directions from the app, I assembled the Droid body and built the driving circuit.


Add sound I recorded a message for Marion to say.


Making the dress I measured the Droid body and cut a piece of material to cover the Droid body that wouldn't get caught in the wheels. I used the sewing machine to sew a piece of elastic to the top of the fabric so it would fit around the neck. I turned the bottom of the fabric up and sewed in to make a finished bottom for the dress. I sewed the dress up the back and pulled it over the drones body.


Making the hair and face I cut the yarn into pieces and laid them in a straight row. I used the sewing machine and sewed down the center to create a wig. I put the yarn wig on top of the drone and used a rubber band to make a bun. I glued the edges to the panty hose so it wouldn't slip. I added a silk flower for decoration. I used the Cricut cutter to cut vinyl for eyes and stuck that to the front of the droid on top of the panty hose. 11. I used a pipe cleaner to make the glasses and added them to the face.
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Finishing touch . I finished Marion by tying a piece of lace around her neck. Then she was ready to drive around the library.
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