Mashed Potato Launcher

by arjun_littleBits

Published on November 16, 2016

At littleBits, we like to play with your food. And what better day to have an epic food fight than Thanksgiving! Use the Rule Your Room Kit to make this pranksgiving catapult! When the spoon meets the spuds, it's bombs away.

Duration: 15 Mins

How To Make It


Make Mashed Potatoes Tbh they don't need to be instant. They don't need to be mashed potatoes. Any kid of food will do. We just decided on instant mashed potatoes cus we wanted something cheap and quick.
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Make the Circuit Power + Makey Makey + Servo. Put the servo in a mount and add the hub + mechanical arm. Then, put the shoes on the bit feet.
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Attach to Bowl Stick you Bits to your Mashed Potatoes bowl. Separate the Makey Makey & the servo so they're on either side of the bowl. Maybe try hiding the Bits with some table cloth. OR PLACE IT WITHIN A FANCY TABLESCAPE (shoutout to Ina Garten)
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Attach Alligator Clips The Makey Makey allows you to turn any conductive material (food, metal, human skin) into a touch sensor. By connecting one wire to the potatoes and the other to the spoon, you can complete the circuit with every serving.


Bombs Away! Wait for someone to say "pass the mashed potatoes" and respond "gladly" and let it rip! Hopefully this will be the catalyst to an epic food fight to distract you from talking to your family about politics.
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