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Micheal Phelps vs Sun Yang the Ulitimate Showdown

by h23kefigu

Published on September 7, 2016



This swimmers for the bit olympic will be challenged on who will WIN!  The ultimate competition usa vs china will decide who is the best swimmer in the whole bit olympics 2016.


Duration: 45 minutes

How To Make It


Materials All you have to do is find material around the house but what we did is find material around science classroom. You will need a cardboard box and box-cutter(when using the box-cutter use precaution as an adult to help you.) With the box cut the top flaps and keep it for later.
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Glam and Glue For this part you going to have a hot glue gun, scrap cardboard pieces, paper (dark or light blue) and a black marker. Before hot gluing anything you have to color cross like figures on to your colored paper. Then glue your paper to your box. Then with the scrap card board box piece you will form a station for person 1 and 2.
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Pulley System For the second to the last part you will have to have string and circular round things. First what you will have to do is glue together the 2 circular round things. Then you will repeat this step. You will have to measure how big the circle things are and cut it. Put the string as desired length of how long you would like it.
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Making the people For this last step you will need popsicle sticks and hot glue gun. You will have to glue the string onto the people with arms and legs that were glued on. With this you will have a pulley system that can move forward.
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Curcits Are circuit is connected to 2 devices. We will need to battery and cord and 1 buzzer.
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HAVE FUN AND CREATIVE This is an extra step that will make your invention fun and amazing. Pick any colors you want. Make the people a state that doesn't YET to exist. Overall just be creative and that is it!

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