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Mini Turntable

by HeHem

Published on December 20, 2015

Small, it does not actually have records, but it makes noises just as well

Duration: Until it breaks, or runs out of battery, it should work.

Credits: All by Me except idea by dad.

How To Make It


Take a power bit. Connect it to a slide dimmer i5. Connect that to an o9 bargraph. Connect that to a w22 wireless transmitter. On the other side, place a speaker on the right side, next to it put another i5 slide dimmer. Here is a picture.
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The record player, that does not play actual records Take a wireless receiver w21 and add a power bit. Then add a DC motor o25. Put it onto cw mode.
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Record reader that does not read actual records. Add a mechanical arm control it with your hand
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Finishing Turn on both, control wheel speed and speaker noise with one hand, move mechanical arm on wheel tire. Bar graph will show how much energy. I would suggest red. Red and half for noise is a good sound.
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One more thing Place wireless transmitter stuff on mounting board
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