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Motivational Windmill

by brett_thornton

Published on July 23, 2014

With the Cloud Module you can make your own motivation windmill that is set up to your Fitbit wearable device!

For this specific project we set up the Fitbit through IFTTT to trigger when the Daily Very Active Goal is achieved. The pictures are listed in order for setting up the trigger through IFTTT.

Credits: Brittany Sternberg, owner of the Fitbit and co-creator of the Motivation Windmill!

How To Make It


1. Click "Create a Recipe" on IFTTT 2. Click "this" highlighted in blue 3. Search for Fitbit and click the Fitbit logo 4. Choose "Daily very active goal achieved" 5. Click create trigger 6. Click "that" highlighted in blue 7. Search for littleBits & click the lB logo 8. Choose the "Set output level" on the right 9. Choose your Cloudbit, and set the duration to 1 second 10. Click Create Action 11. Click Create Recipe & you're ready to go!


The rest of the pictures are in order for these instructions: For the base of the windmill we used toilet paper rolls and two wooden sticks we found in our craft drawer. Basically we measured the distance of the two sticks when laying on top of each other, cut two slits across the toilet paper roll up to the furthest distance, and then two slits in between them at half that length.


After that I threw water color on a random piece of paper I found. When it dried we wrapped it all the way around the base and taped the entire thing so that it has a shiny gloss to it. Then we re-cut the holes at the bottom of the base, as well as making a tiny slit at the top so the dc module can slide into. This will reinforce the modules that will eventually sit inside the base.


For the rotating signs on top, we used both a pipe cleaner and a vertically-cut strip from a poker card that was then folded in half. We used a Cricut to cut out the hearts and the letters and glued them together, then we taped the back of the hearts to the ends of the card and pipe cleaner.


The very last picture is what the set up of your littleBits will be. I only used the bright led to slightly lengthen it to fit in my base. If you use a papetowel roll you could possibly use the barograph to light it up green. While making the windmill we had the idea of poking holes in the base so the lights can shine through from the inside but we forgot to do it.


The connection is: power>cloud>bright led>dimmer>dc motor.


BE SURE TO TAMPER WITH THE DIMMER BEFORE SETTING UP! If you don't include the dimmer, or have it set all the way up, the sign will spin too far, even if set to 1 second. To get the right speed I connected my Cloud and sent some triggers from SMS Messages to test it before putting it into the base. If you're having problem keeping the littleBits connected consider buying some shoes for them. I don't have any myself but I am sure they would of made this project a lot easier. Feel free to comment to send any questions you may have!

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