Moving Halloween Bats #TRICKSWITHBITS

by SebastianKerner

Published on October 30, 2014

In this project we're going to create a little Halloween  decoration. By attaching cut out paper bats to an invisible thread and LittleBits you can make them move if someone enters a room.

How To Make It


Download the provided PDF Paper Bats Templates and print them out.


Use a scissor or a X - Acto knife to cut them out, either white paper or colored.


Use the invisible Thread or Yarn to attach them onto it and apply those thread to furniture, walls or the ceiling.


Attach the end of all those strings to the "Servo Motor"


Connect all those LittleBits in the right order shown above in the project image. [1] Power [2] MotionTrigger [3] TimeOut [4] Servo Motor


If someone enters the room the "Motion Trigger" sends a signal through the timeout bit to the "ServoMotor" = the Bats start to move. After a certain time the signal gets shut due to the "Timeout bit" = Bats stop moving.

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