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Moving Marshmallow Poster

by littleBits and Disney

Published on December 16, 2016

Bring Marshmallow from Disney Frozen to life with interactive poster using the Your Rule Your Room Kit and a few materials from around the house!

Duration: 45 Minutes

How To Make It


Build your circuit.
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Press the servo hub onto the servo.
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Press the servo into the servo mount from the side and screw in.
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Press adhesive shoes onto your circuit.
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Set servo to swing mode.
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Turn the power on and twist the dimmer knob. The servo hub should turn back and forth.
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Download the Marshmallow image (Marshmallow-Poster.jpg) at the top of this page under the "Additional Files" section.
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Print out two copies of the Marshmallow image.
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Mount one of the printouts to a thicker piece of paper or cardboard (we like an old cereal box). The printout you just mounted cut out the Marshmallow torso from background.
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Attach the Marshmallow torso cut-out to the servo hub using tape.
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Mount your background image to the wall and tape all four corners down.
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Peel the back off the adhesive shoes and stick your circuit to the background image.
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Set it in motion! Twist the dimmer to make the animated element move faster or slower across the background.
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