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Moving Mother's Day Card with papercraft

by TechAgeKids

Published on March 20, 2016

Papercraft, LEGO and littleBits, now those are brilliant ingredients to get creative.

Bring joy to your mum by showing off your creativity with a moving Mother's Day Card  -  #Inventforgood

Clear the kitchen table and get out your coloured card, sticky tape and scissors. Get creative with paper craft and make a special card.

Duration: 1 hour

How To Make It


Paper Flowers Make different paper craft flowers - we made three different flowers: orange hearts (technically not a flower, but we loved the little box), purple hyacinths and a yellow daffodil.
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Orange Heart Boxes

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Daffodil Pinwheel


Add littleBits Electronics Make each paper flower do something different. We made the heart boxes to light up, with the the Long LED. Secure into two of the heart boxes with sticky tape. Added the vibration motor to make our third heart box buzz. The hyacinth was asking to spin around, so we made it using a straw to fit onto the DC Motor. The pinwheel daffodil was attached to the Servo to swing this way and that way.
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Paper Flowers with electronics


Build a Display Duplo LEGO is a perfect building material for a stand. We used a base and built the card between two short LEGO towers. We used sticky tack to secure the littleBits to the Duplo.
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Secure littleBits to LEGO

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