Moving Night Light

by ichowmille

Published on March 20, 2017

The Moving Night Light drives across the top of your book, with an LED illuminating your pages so you can read at night. We love our invention but think littleBits needs to make an input that would allows us to reverse the motors at a touch of a button. :)

Duration: 10 hours.

How To Make It


Build the Circuit First we built the circuit to make sure it would work. We connected the power to a wire followed by a button. The button led back to the moving night light by another wire which connected to a tethered DC motor, then by another wire to a second tethered DC motor and finally to a long LED. Make sure to switch the second DC motor to reverse since it's facing the same way.
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Build the Moving NightLight We tried to build a small LEGO car. We had a housing for the battery, used the motor mate to adapt the motors to LEGO axles and used the LEGO adapter pieces to make the motors stick down to the LEGO.
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Put it all together and make it look pretty. Once we had a circuit and a car we put it all together. We added some decorations to the top just for fun. This could be changed anytime you want so you always have variety in your light.
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