Moving Panda!

by LB SG

Published on April 23, 2014

Watch the panda come alive simply with the use of vibration motor. Enjoy this simple craft at your own leisure time.

How To Make It


Print the cut-out (attached) and cut it. After which, follow the lines and fold it to make it look like a panda. (the pair of ears are glued onto the head after you finish folding it.)


Build the circuit: Power + Pulse + LED + Dimmer + Wire + Vibration Motor


Tape the Vibration Motor on one of the legs of the panda, preferably at the back / hind legs.


Adjust the dimmer for vibration speed so that the panda will move more smoothly.


The pulse and led is there to let you decide the frequency so that the panda will continue to move and look like it is alive !

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