Nathaniel's LEGO City #bitify

by ichowmille

Published on November 10, 2014

My son has had an ever-changing LEGO City in the house for over a year.  He constantly updates and changes it as he goes along.  This weekend he bitified it #bitify.

I brought my littleBits at home from school and showed them to him.  He used the wireless pieces to remotely control some lights, sounds, and a motor on the helicopter blades in his city. 

And of course we used the new LEGO connector pieces.

Credits: Daddy helped explain what the pieces (especially latch and wireless) could do, but Nathaniel designed and built it all.

How To Make It


Make something cool out of LEGOs, add littleBits.  (That's dad's explanation, Nathaniel's description is below.)

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