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by alexpikkert

Published on June 19, 2015

A mechanical music box, activated by placing marbles and magnets and little pins on a rotating disc.
The marbles activate the bend sensor, connected to Synth bits, the magnets activate the reed switch connected to the MP3 player with different sounds and the light sensor activates the servo, ringing the bell.

By variating the number and place of the marbles, the number and place of the magnets, the number and place of the little pins on the side of the disc, the holes on the disc, the sounds on the MP3 card, the speed of the disc, the settings of the Synth bits and finally the position of the bend sensor you can create zillions of noises!

Play it again Sam !

Credits: Marbles and bits from the retailer The Dondersteen in Hengelo the Netherlands

How To Make It


Make a MDF wooden box with a removable top cover and the front side open


make a disc with 9 10 mm holes for the marbles to sit in (they are15 mm)


mount the light sensor under the top cover and mount the motor under the top cover to drive the disc


mount the bend sensor on a adjustable holder so it can touch the marbles on the disc and mount the reed switch also on an adjustable holder so it can be activated by magnets placed on the edge of the disc.


mount the mounting plates for the bits under the top cover and on the top cover with the metal standoffs.


mount the bell on the side, activated by the servo.


Connect the bits, choose the settings and PLAY!

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