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by lbatsie

Published on January 5, 2017

Mrs. Cantu's students (Delton-Kellogg Middle School, MI) were introduced to LittleBits for the first time on Tuesday, January 3, for this challenge.

Here is the students' description:

Our project that we made for little bits was an owl the owl in Harry Potter was Hedwig, Harry Potter's snowy owl.

What we made the owl do was we made it’s eyes light up and her wings spin.

What we made her out of was cardboard feet that were really big because they were meant to be the wings and after we found out that the first wings we made were to heavy for the fans we had to make paper wings and attach it with tape to the fan to make it spin, we made the body out of a plastic bag with paper in it.

The parts we used were a Battery, Bridge, 2 lights, and 2 fans.

Duration: 2-3 hours

How To Make It


Engineering Design Process Brainstormed an idea for a Harry Potter invention and wrote it on paper. Idea approved by teacher.


Learned about littleBits Practiced using littleBits to create a few simple circuits.


Plan Planned for what littleBits we could use to make our invention work.


Create Created our invention. Worked through problems.


Record and Share Recorded the description of our invention and what littleBits we used and why. Entered this competition.