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by AveryJ

Published on November 4, 2016

My invention gives you the ability to control and influence a snake - just like a Parselmouth! Well, at least it appears that way! Practice your magic skills and impress your family and friends using BLE Bit technology and an IPad (or other smart device) with the littleBits Bluetooth app. 

My Parselbot invention was a family project.  It was inspired by my favorite wizard movie. This invention started as a remix of the BitBot.  With some hacks and modifications, we came up with this creation!

Duration: about 8 to 10 hours - family weekend project

How To Make It


Watch wizard magic movie clips to get inspiration - and have a family brainstorming session!
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Get out the bits and get started on clicking together a Parselbot - similar to a BitBot, so you might want to start by creating that first to get your feet wet!
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We attached the roller ball on the bottom - toward the front - using glue dots. We also attached the end of a craft stick to the servo accessory using glue dots so it could swing back and forth. We used rubber bands to help hold some of our bits in place and to keep the battery from moving around.
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Test it out to make sure it work the way you want! Changing the settings on the servo and the dc motors effects how it acts when you control it with the drive function on the app!
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We cut apart egg cartons and used it to create our snake. We poked holes in the bottom of each egg cup and began stringing them on yarn. We wanted it to have slithering action and movement, so we added two pony beads in between each egg cup as spacers.
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We used our favorite glittery green paint and a tan colored paint to give our snake some personality. If you are impatient for the paint to dry, you can speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer. :)
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This took some experimentation, but we got it to move the way we wanted. Before gluing it into place, we used rubber bands to hold things together while testing out the movement. We hot glued a few of the front segments of the snake, added a second craft stick, and hot glued it to the other craft stick (already attached to the servo). We reinforced the connection between the craft sticks using twist ties.
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We left the tail of the snake loose and draped it over the back of the bot - this way it kind of drags around in a slinking snake way. We made a wizard boy prop and acted our some Parseltongue scenes.
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