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Pass-only Doorbell

by smallBits

Published on April 23, 2016

Pass-only Doorbell by smallBits


Short Description:

The Pass-only doorbell is an doorbell but only alowing a pass (banana, aluminium and more) and a controler (spoon and more) with 2 people that you allow to enter your house. The first person (best friend, your brother or sister, your parents) have the oringinal doorbeel however, the second (friends) have the dc motor doorbell. You can also on the first doorbell adjust or decrease your volume.


How it works:

The makey-makey module has a singal to the banana and the aluminum. When you get the controler (Spoon) and when someone touches the aluminuim, the original doorbell will be heard. If you touch the banana, it will do the dc motor doorbell.


Kits you need to buy:

Base Kit

Makey-Makey module

Duration: 30 mins. (Minium) 1 hour (Max)

How To Make It


Create your logic You need to first create your logic. See the pictures to follow along.


Decorate Decorate like the oringinal base kit doorbell tutorial on your base kit booklet. Then add whatever you want!


Test (Last Step) Test your doorbell and see if it works!

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