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Calm your dog with Pawmer #HackYourHabits

by cookiehawk

Published on April 10, 2016


PET lovers and owners have a problem with over anxious pets , specially dogs. leaving them behind alone can create havoc as they start expressing their frustrations on furnitures or any material that they can lay their mouth. A home remedy solution could help in controlling the issues faced by many pet owners. I know I would , since I have a 9 month old Shiba -Inu , named Leo. Nowadays, many pet lovers use special high pitched dog music to calm their pets when they are not at home. This seems to work in many situations and wide variety of different dogs. 

If I could use “Little-Bits” to create a small device that will constantly play the favorite music of Leo and when he barks or makes noise then immediately stop and again starts playing when he is quiet. This could be an amazing small device that could control the problems that we face and help my parents.

“Little-bits” is a company that develops and sells Do-IT-Youself kits as a learning tool for children. If I am able to develop such a device, I will learn how to create a circuit and at the same time experiment in developing a system to help control Leo in a better way. I am not an expert in creating circuits , but “Little-bits” come with lots of tutorials and parts which can be assembled together for a first time learner.

Testing this device will be easy since it can be done at home with Leo and see how effective the device is. We also have a NEST camera at home which my parents use to see on camera when Leo keeps on moving or there is a specific noise. This experiment will use the NEST camera just to check if the device works with Leo or not.


Research conducted by Deborah Wells, an animal behaviorist, seems to back up the claim that dogs indeed like music. The result of Wells’ study revealed that pooches find specific types of classical music to be quieting and relaxing, while not being interested in pop music or radio shows. It looks like our furry friends also have their own preferences to music, just like we do. (ref: . These views are also collaborated by CBS news “Want to calm Fido down ! try Music “ (

I have seen the same behavior with Leo since we have started playing classical music in low volume near where he sleeps. Since he came to us as a puppy , it was music that helped him to calm down. To the point that he happily sleeps and relaxed , sometimes in very weird positions.

Duration: 30 mins

Credits: I had to take a little help from my brother - Shubham Banerjee (9th grader) to understand how to work with the iCloud bit and activate SMS and email.

How To Make It


Do the littlbits arrangement here are the bits that needs to be arranged in this order
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organize the circuit on the board as shown this will help to make the device compact. The sound trigger and the cloud bit are connected in parallel. I am using the sound trigger to connect the mp3 player with a dog calming music on the SD card. When you switch on the device the first sound created triggers the mp3 player and the music starts playing in a loop. Any new sound will stop the music from playing and then again when there is no sound detected then it will continue playing. you can see how Leo is reacting to the music and when the sound stops he opens his eyes and when it starts playing he closes his eyes again :-) The cloud bit is used to trigger emails or SMS as an experiment, because if LEO is really anxious and we are not at home , if the number of emails or texts come to my phone or anybody’s phone. Then we know he is crying or making a lot of noise and the music is not working on him. there is a IFTTT recipe here and Remember , if you are using the cloudbit then you need to use the USB power module.
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Follow the icloud bit steps if you want to enable email or text messages you can enable the icloud bit

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