Percussion Party

by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Dance to the beat of your own drums.

Noise is an un-pitched sound. It is often used as a way to create percussion sounds because most drums are un-pitched instruments. 

How To Make It


Start with this circuit: Power + Micro Sequencer + Split 1.) connect to envelope 2.) Random + Filter + Envelope + Speaker


Put the random module on "noise" mode.


Set your rhythm by adjusting knobs on the micro sequencer and adjust tempo with speed dial.


Adjust the filter to affect the timbre.


Turn the "attack" knob all the way down (counterclockwise). Turn the "decay" knob low, but slightly higher than the "attack" knob.


Wail on your synth drumset!


Bonus: Try making a horse galloping sound
Turn one of the knobs all the way down on the sequencer to make the sound effect for a horse galloping.


Bonus: Try making a woodblock sound
Turn the peak knob up (clockwise), turn the cut off down (counter clockwise)


Bonus: Try making a water block sound
Keep the peak up. Turn the cut off to a mid-range (higher than the woodblock).

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